37 Gallon fish tank

37 Gallon fish tank. It has a sump sharing with another 29 gallon fish tank. 1 Rose red discus 5 Blue-eyed Bristlenose pleco L144

80 Gallon fish tank, part 1 buying a used fish tank

I had been searching a used fish tank on the craigslist. I didn’t have a preference on what type of fish tank I want, such as glass, acrylic or even a plywood fish tank. I was just browsing to find out what most interests me. I found one guy selling a 80 gallon acrylic fish…

Bevel Cut Book Shelf

I like the design but my friend told me this can ruin your book. So, don’t build it this way  

Custom Paw Coffee Table

I built these for the custom order from Shatto Veterinary Center which is located in KoreaTown in Los Angeles. Prior to this 3D modeling, I drew some of designs and discussed with them which looks better and meets their needs better. After that,  I drew 3D models on google sketch like this. Here’s some initial sketches. 3D…