Red Eagle Discus with eggs

I was having them in a quarantine process since I got them from Kenny.

I catched some signs of the pairing off, so I gave them a tank separator and a DIY breeding cone 2 days ago.
A tank separator is a egg crate lighting diffuser and the breeding cone is PVC pipe attached to a piece of tile.

I was not 100% sure the female was female. But yesterday I saw a very protruded tube on her. But now she has been confirmed as a female. I am so glad.

This morning, I was looking at the cone but I didn’t see any eggs and her tube was slightly went back in. So I thought it went away since there are lots of things going on in this QT.

And I was feeding them and they didn’t come right at the food so I was curious what is wrong with them sticking to one side of fish tank. And I found that a lot of eggs are attached to the back side of the fish tank.

They are blowing water to the eggs with great enthusiasm.

I don’t know if they can grow fries in this fish tank but I’ll just let them do whatever they want to do or can do about it.

I hope they keep in a good shape in their own 29 gallon fish tank next week.

Special thanks to Kenny!



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  1. zirho6 says:

    it’s been 4 days since the egg was laid. I found nothing after coming back from work. Half of the eggs died by my mistake, and half of them may have been sucked into outtake of the overflow. Now I put them in a separated 29 gal fish tank to breed them with my fingers crossed. 🙂


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