80 Gallon fish tank, part 1 buying a used fish tank

I had been searching a used fish tank on the craigslist. I didn’t have a preference on what type of fish tank I want, such as glass, acrylic or even a plywood fish tank.

I was just browsing to find out what most interests me.
I found one guy selling a 80 gallon acrylic fish tank near me.
And I dropped by after few days and bought it.
It came with a lot of appliances such as

80 Gallon acrylic fish tank
two fluval 406 canister filters
25 Gallon acrylic sump
900 GPH return pump
250W heater
Wooden stand and canopy
gravel substrate

It was a good deal only for $350.

So the end result is this.
I used for cabinet door hinges for doors and square plain hinges for the canopy.
These all are inspired by Jeoy, the king of DIY. Special thanks to him.


Let’s jumping into all the details.
You can see how filthy they all were. I cleaned and sanded them and polished the sides with acrylic scratch remover. Try to go with wet & dry sandpapers with a power tool first if you have deep scratches. Joey got a video for it which helped me out big time.

After all the heavy duty jobs, it started looking nice. It sat on top of the stand I built which I am going to talk about in a next post.


Thank you for reading this.


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