Red Eagles, the second eggs in their own tank!

Hi all, I lost the first batch of eggs last week. I think they may had been hatched but it was a quarantine tank so there was a bunch of other discus looking for something to eat. Last monday, it had been a week for them being in QT, so I moved them in a…

Red Eagle Discus with eggs

I was having them in a quarantine process since I got them from Kenny. I catched some signs of the pairing off, so I gave them a tank separator and a DIY breeding cone 2 days ago. A tank separator is a egg crate lighting diffuser and the breeding cone is PVC pipe attached to…

New Discus! Red Eagle

This is second batch from Kenny. I decided buy more from Kenny since the quality of the discus I got last month was incredible. This strain is one of Pigeon Blood Discus, called Red Eagle, bred by a strain creator, Martin Ng. Enjoy!

Blue Scorpion Discus Close Up

I’ve learned two things while I was taking this. First, clean fish poop before taking anything. Second, wipe the front panel of the tank. 🙂 Enjoy.

10 Blue Scorpion Discus

They are the ones I got on 3/21 from Kenny. Now they are almost 4 inch sizes. They were 3.5 inches when they came.