Fish Fish Fish

I started keeping a fish when I was very young.
I think I was like 12 years old or something.


My mom got me a few gold fish, if I remembered correctly, I was not able to keep them alive successfully.

I didn’t have any idea about nitrogen cycle, biological bacteria, or any of water parameters such as temperature, Ph, Kh.
I was just having fun watching them swim and feed them.
After few months, I lost my interest and stopped trying to keep them.

It was the time when I got a new job in Incheon and found a huge fish tank in the office, and that interested me again.

After few months of doing some research online, I learned a lot about a proper environment for fish keeping.
After few years, I became a successful breeder of L-144 blue eyed longfin pleco.

Longfin blue eyed L144 breeding pair

Fries of L144 longfin



I sold quite a lot of L-144 in South Korea but it was not all for the money.
I had a lot of fun watching them breed and grow them up as adult.

In Korea, electricity and water bill is kind of crazy. You can easily get a bill charging you like $400 a month for keeping like 4 fish tanks. Since all 4 seasons are very distinct in Korea, keeping the fish tanks warm in the winter means a lot of electricity.

I moved to US about 4 years ago.
At the time, I had to sell all of my fish including my breeding pairs. It was heartbreaking for me. But I had to.

Now, I am restarting my journey as an aquarist but a lot better in all aspects.
I have all my experience and knowledge of advanced keeping skills.
Thank Joey, the king of DIY, about that! I even bought his book since I wanted to support his business.

I’m looking at my discus fish in all automated aquatic systems. Almost no manual water changes, dosing meds.

I have long plans for them. It started with this fish tank stands.
All I have left is having fun with them.




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