Building Pantorouter

This is very long ago, when I was in South Korea around April 2014

I had my own woodworking shop.
Technically it was just a container that I turn it into a workshop.

I built a lot of stuff there and learned a lot about woodworking by attending local woodworking class or by online lesson or by just woodworking.


Here you can buy the plan.

I built this jig to make mortise and tenon joints.

Let’s get started. Prepare the plan and print them out.


And put the plan on the plywood and cut them accordingly. Dry fit them after you are done.
Assemble them together.



Make twice thick plywood for base plate.
Cut them according to the plan and assemble.

Make templates and put it up on plate holder and give it a try with scrap wood bars.

Finally, make a stopper to adjust cutting depth.




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